11870.com and its fifth anniversary party

We would like to congratulate 11870.com for having completed five full years of its existence. Especially this birthday makes us excited, because when they began to build his dream, we got along little time building our little dream, “we were idealists” because we started to ride BC Carpas Madrid and although we are not as important as them, today we have managed to survive these first years, which are always difficult.

Also, he made us particularly proud that its founder, Jesus Encinar technology entrepreneur, had us in mind for the birthday party. So from here we want to give our small gift and congratulate the team 11870.com, having fulfilled the dream of its founders. Hopefully next year we can celebrate your birthday # fiesta11870 with a large tent. And in the same way that made us dream that Jesus Encinar was interested in us, hopefully it will make illusion we have devoted this post to him and the entire team @ 11870.


Congratulations 11870.com for these 5 years! N



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