A wedding with transparent tents in a country house S. XVI

Today I’m going to explain, the beautiful wedding of A&B in Masia Egara, where you will see the magic that create transparent tents at night in a garden or a well-lit environment.

One of the things we always advise to the couple, if it is possible to mount the tent, next to a reference point, in this case took place near the front of the house, a sixteenth-century Catalan country house, surrounded by wonderful gardens designed over 100 years ago. It was proposed that the closest transparent tents were next to the building and other tents were combined in beige color, a very neutral color that went unnoticed with the color of the house.

The transparency of the roof, gives the feeling of spaciousness, when sitting at the banquet. The perspective is very nice, especially if the outside is well lighted.

In the photos you have the result of how it turned out. By the way for the bride was a surprise because she didn’t knew that would be made with transparent tents.

carpas transparentes





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