BC Carpas in “Els Matins” from TV3

Joaquin Perez Valette fashion designer, chef Sergi Arola and florist Acanto have organized an event at 484 Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona. T

The event has been announced in recent days on our Blog. Now we have proof that this is the story about the event! Here is a video about the episode.  Josep Maria Soler in the “Els Matins” program Catalan television TV3 presented by: Helena Garcia Melero, Ariadna Oltra, Eloi Cordomí, and Jordi Martí Gironell Sanuy.

From minute 34:20 you can see the BC Carpas tent. I hope you like it!


L’Atelier des Rêves at “Els Matins”… minute 34:20



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