Hospitality Tent

Many companies, hotels or restaurants who come to BC Carpas are asking a tent for their needs for hospitality or catering, hospitality tents perfect for wedding celebrations, events, business meals, Christmas meals, mass celebrations, etc.

The tents we offer to our customers are perfectly equipped for catering and are also supervised by the architect of the company. BC Carpas offers tents which are perfectly finished, from the outside and inside with the quality standards of our company.

Besides the tents that we offer we have more options. The tents can be customized with all requirements depending on the type of event: heating or air conditioning, level flooring, lighting, carpeting and decor. This is also possible for your hospitality tent. If necessary complements such as chemical toilets, furniture, heating, cooling, carpets, musical equipment, etc. can be put.

If you are looking for hospitality tents, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.




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