Ideas for a celebration of autumn

We love the autumn flowers and colorful this season. Although the temperature goes too because we seem to be in summer.

We wanted to prepare a table for a very special celebration that I’ll tell in detail in another post, but the centers we put you advance.

I show a picture of the cart before preparing the table mounting. The flowers are Acanto.

carpa de alquiler

We placed in the center of the table, Erica plant with small flowers in pink tones without pots, because if it was not too high and it is important that guests have visibility between them.


The celosia cristata flowers, also nicknamed wool flower texture on a pink color, put them in cups of crystal and silver to break the touch so rustic flowerpots.

carpa otoñal

Hydrangeas  mixed with autumn leaves on the table.


Besides the hydrangeas of the table, had this bouquet of hydrangeas but also in other colors.


We love the exaggerated bouquets, we found the Amaranthus a good choice, a tropical flower in shades of burgundy, place it in a large glass vase.


This is a preview of how was the center of the table with all the flowers.

Also on the table among the pots and oak leaves, assorted cones, chestnuts fall for a more casual touch.

Candles can be placed if it is going to hold a dinner and in the case of lunch food, no candles are placed.

We are preparing a future post, where you will see how the table was evening and dinner served.

alquiler carpa carpa



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