Tent rental

In BC Carpas we have an experience from over 20 years of renting tents for parties, weddings and events. Since our inception we have been very committed to quality and service.

Our beginnings were in Barcelona with the founding of BC Carpas Barcelona. We also have ensured that the events had the level of the requirements of national and multinational companies, media companies, companies organizing events and freelance who hired us for their tents.

Due to the high demand for the assembling of tents in Madrid, we decided that we could also rent tents in Madrid. So just over 5 years ago we took the step and settled in Madrid.

Year after year, we managed grow to a big company of renting tents for weddings and renting tents for events.

We currently have headquarters in Barcelona and Madrid, for any information please call:

  • BC Carpas Barcelona:
  • BC Carpas Madrid: 91.609.33.23



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