The decor for a christening (2nd part)


For those who have not seen the other post about the christening. I can tell you that we had two rooms to decorate; one for the children and one for the adults. I will explain the details in todays’ post.

On the pictures you can see the decorated room, which was prepared for the seniors.

At the head table, there was a high tray placed.

bautizo bc carpas

For both pennants and pompoms silk, we decided to make them instead of buying them. It was not difficult to do and it saves you money!

On each side of the table was put a wooden basket with white flowers and balloons.

bautizo BC Carpas

Because I am a super big fan, the followings could not miss; I set up a table dedicated to “Swiss” (hot chocolate with a layer of cream) and to accompany melindros, croissants and buns.

bautizo bc carpas

I love the decor and also enjoyed making it, but the issue of food is not my forte, so except the onion quiche that I made it and an arm of gypsy ham and cheese made by my mother. The rest of the food was ordered. The arms of gypsy were placed in cupcake capsules in a light blue color, to give it a personalized touch.

carpa bautizo

To make it a little bit different, instead of giving sugared almonds, I gave charge cards with a picture of a baby in “Peques de papel ” and behind the cellophane bag I asked him to make me a cookie with the initial Gonzalo “G” in fondant blue and white polka dots and other cookies in reverse. In the picture you can see the result.

detalles bautizo

I was very excited about the important christening cake that was the center of the table decoration. So look at options, at the Pinterest of BC Carpas you can find a lot of pictures and inspiration for pretty and tasteful cakes. I requested a beautiful cake and it turned out to be even more beautiful, decorated with fondant. The squares were also made of fondant decorated with the initials of Gonzalo.

bautizo bc carpas

decoración bautizo BC Carpas

When I saw the cake I was impressed not only for the aesthetics, but also because the cake tasted great!! The top was stuffed lemon cake lemon ganache. And the bottom of the cake was chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache.

 bautizo bc carpasbautizo bc carpas

For the decoration of the main table, that was where all the canapes were, a wooden basket with flowers was placed to give it a spring touch.

bautizo BC Carpas





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