The decoration of a christening

As I told you in the previous whole decoration Christening post, I wanted to decorate it in blue. Actually I love to prepare this type of parties, I really enjoy the decor and all the details.

The baptism was in the afternoon, a snack in two separate rooms for children and adults, so I decorated two rooms. Today I will explain all the preparation and details of the children’s room.

Here is the picture as it looked like the decorated table and tonality that gives the color blue frame mounted BC Tents

bautizo detalles

Banners with the name Gonzalo, I prepared a few weeks before, but it was great because they were very good, even plasticized for future parties and do not spoil!

bautizo bc carpas

I thought it would be fun with all the decor, some lollipops in blue and white with the initial Gonzalo, place them inside boxes of stripes and blue dots with tissue paper. The idea was that after the lollipop kids take them away and surprise to them which were of strawberry flavor, so I do not keep any!

bautizo bc carpas

Another detail for children, I made a few jars as if they were jams, but candy and plastic so they could not hurt,I bought fabrics to cover the top and blue cards from “Tinta Gris” with the name of each child .

bautizo bc carpas

To break a little blue and give more color to the table, I put a transparent bowl of popcorn in colors and one with “Lacasitos”. On the other hand, wanted to put goodies in blues, but did not expect it to be so difficult to find them, so if you want pink you will have no problem. At the end, I found them and I put it as decoration.

bautizo bc carpas

Napkins stripes and dots ones are from La Fiesta de Olivia.

It was not necessary that all blues were the samel, the key it was to be different but all the colors remain integrated and I think I got it.

bautizo bc carpas

Bottles for drinks, I was amused them but not very practical, because children use the glass at the end, I made a label with the name of each.

This is the area where the children played with Cheerleader from “Carambola parties”. I leave the link in the previous post where I explain how I decorated the space:

The balloons gave the final touch to the decor, combining different sizes and two colors, transparent and light blue.

decoración bautizo

In the next post I will explain in detail the decoration of the other room. And so awesome cake that was made for me.



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