Ecru marquee hire

Our marquees are elegant in any colour, but ecru gives them a neutrality that can be perfect for event organisers to focus on highlighting the space with colour, whether it is a product presentation, opening or company party. We often want the marquee to be the least significant component and this marquee allows you to achieve this.

Ecru marquee hire 1

Interior de carpa cruda para evento con barra de bar y pantallas de televisión

Ecru marquee hire 2

Interior de carpa cruda con sillas tipo conferencia. Todo el interior está forrado en color crudo

Ecru marquee hire 3

Carpa cruda donde se puede ver por la transparencia de la ventana que instaló BC Carpas la vista exterior

Ecru marquee hire 4

Carpas cruda con tarima para comida en su interior con mesas alargadas

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