Enclosures for events

Depending on the time of year and type of event, there are different kinds of marquee enclosures to achieve maximum integration between the outdoor and indoor space, using light or rigid separations. Our enclosures are split into the following types:

  • No enclosure: this option would be when the client decides not to use any kind of enclosure because it only wants a ceiling and the marquee will remain open, so no curtain is installed. This is for very good weather.
  • Opaque curtains: when the client does not want to see outside the marquee and wants it completely covered, though there is always the possibility to open it at any time during the event, since it is a sliding curtain.
  • Transparent curtains: when we want to keep the marquee closed, but want to see the outdoor landscape and also want the inteior to be seen from outside the marquee. This option has the advantage that, in addition to letting in light from the outside, it enables us to open or close the marquee during the event as we wish.
  • Rigid opaque enclosure: this option is usually essential at a type of event where what the client really wants is a wall. This can be covered with whatever fabric is chosen and the enclosure does not open during the entire event.
  • Transparent rigid closure: in this case, the client can see outside, since there is greater transparency than with a curtain, given that it is a transparent wall, but will not be opened during the entire event.
Enclosures for events 1

Foto de cerramientos para carpa en transparente, tanto de tipo cortina como cerramientos rígidos.

Enclosures for events 2

Imagen de cerramientos rígidos en carpas color burdeos y transparentes, toda la perfilería de los cerramientos está acabada del mismo color que la carpa consiguiendo así un aspecto impecable

Enclosures for events 3

Cerramiento en interior de una casa para reducir el espacio de la sala. El cerramiento es de tela tapizada en color beige.

Enclosures for events 4

Carpa transparente donde uno de los lados está cerrado mediante tela de saco de color marrón

Enclosures for events 5

Cerramientos transparentes efímeros para conseguir que un porche de una casa se pueda proteger del frío

Enclosures for events 6

Cortina decorativa instalada en varios puntos de la carpa para mejorar el aspecto de la carpa y romper su estructuralidad

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