Modular marquee hire for events

We have pioneered these kinds of marquees, which is why the country's main events have been held in our modular marquees for 25 years, whether this be an entrance marquee for guests or at cornerstone ceremonies, openings or product presentations. Modular marquees have many possibilities due to the measurements we have available: 6x6, 5x5, 4x4, 3x3, 6x3, 6x2, 5x3 and 5x2. Each module can be joined to another, achieving whatever shape and size are desired and molding itself to all kinds of spaces. The quality of the exterior appearance can be seen by the naked eye, but the requirement and aesthetic of the inside remains the same, with the entire interior of the marquee is covered in a colour chosen from a wide range: blue, sand coloured, ecru, white, lavender, brown, red, green, black and grey.

Modular marquee hire for events 1

Carpa modular de color burdeos para evento, donde el interior se ha decorado con muebles blancos y se ha acondicionado con setas de calefacción del tipo llama.

Modular marquee hire for events 2

Dos carpas modulares en color gris para evento frente a edificio institucional

Modular marquee hire for events 3

Conjunto de carpas modulares en color beige en la plaza de España de Sevilla. Todas las carpas modulares se unen mediante canales, de tal forma, que ante amenazas de lluvia, toda la superficie de la carpa está protegida.

Modular marquee hire for events 4

Conjunto de carpas modulares para un evento de una empresa de peluquería en Madrid. Las carpas modulares son en su mayoría negras, aunque también hay transparentes.

Modular marquee hire for events 5

Carpa modular en color azul para un evento frente al mar.

Modular marquee hire for events 6

Interior de una carpa modular en color crudo. El interior está dispuesto tipo conferencia para una conferencia celebrada por un conocido banco.

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