A lounge wedding

The clients were very clear about what they wanted. Their dream was to feel at home, as if all the guests were going to be in their large lounge and dining room. But this was not possible because they were going to have 300 guests, so they decided to create a large lounge inside the marquee and the result was amazing because two bays were created, a large one and a much smaller one. The big one was where all the round guest tables were, in addition to a large oval table where the entire family of the bride and groom were seated. The smaller bay was where the disco was set up with furniture to create a large lounge with library and chimney. Throughout the wedding you could see all the walls, pictures, furniture with lamps, simulating the walls that would be in any home where you could be invited.

A lounge wedding 1

The bride and groom wanted to recreate their home lounge. Do you think they achieved it? Or did they exceed their expectations? Spectacular table set taking the tiniest details into account.

A lounge wedding 2

All the place names hung on a mural where the guests could see where their table was located.

A lounge wedding 3

A shot of the dinner, under the marquee. All the walls are perfect, as if it were a private home. The imposing oval table and in the background, all the photos of the bride and groom with their family and friends on different occasions.

A lounge wedding 4

Take a good look at the details of this photo. Each diner with his metal letter, the table perfectly set, the tablcloth, the lighting on each table, the outer part of the tables not being visible and in the background of it all some fun phrases: "Yes I do," "We did" and in Spanish"Sí quiero." Those phases are also lit.

A lounge wedding 5

Other photos of the inside of the marquee. On the right the transparent curtain that enables the outdoor swimming pool to be seen.

A lounge wedding 6

During the day finalising the preparations, all the details can be seen: flowers, candle sticks, glasses, lights, chairs... Nothing was left to chance.

A lounge wedding 7

Minutes before the arrival of the guests, the setting is like a film and in this photo, we can already see on the left of the image the bookshelf that was especially placed for the wedding dance area.

A lounge wedding 8

From the dance area, the entire banquet area can be seen thanks to the transparency of the walls, as well as the lighting of the furniture, lamps, tables and sofas that were installed for the not so dancing queens.

A lounge wedding 9

The chimney that was installed in the marquee so that everyone felt like they were in a cosy lounge.

A lounge wedding 10

A detail of the draft that was handed out to the guests and was on each table.

A lounge wedding 11

Decorative detail of the marquee with different silver items, candles, flowers and dry plants, and in the background a music staff.

A lounge wedding 12

The candlight and lights meant that the ambience could not be more romantic.

A lounge wedding 13

The bride and groom leaving the church before going to the wedding banquet under the marquee that looked like a lounge.