A Provencal wedding

In a setting filled with vineyards, like the client's home, we created a large space, where the guests could be very comfortable in the entirely open space we created for them. The marquees were transparent and the supports or columns were beige. Green branches hung decoratively from the roof of the marquees and the lighting comprised lights above each table and lights spread out over each column to create a magical appearance. The end result was that the entire wedding was perfectly integrated into the landscape.

A Provencal wedding 1

The transparency of this marquee allows the sunset aat this romantic wedding be seen. On the inside, we can see plants hanging from the room, as well as lighting above the columns.

A Provencal wedding 2

At this wedding, the spectacular view of the upper photo allows us to see the roof of the transparent marquees, due to the different levels of the land.

A Provencal wedding 3

From the inside of the wedding marquee, the perfect transparency of the enclosures installed by the BC Carpas team allow the vineyard to be seen from beginning to end.

A Provencal wedding 4

Another photo of the inside of the marquee, where the perfectly upholstered and fabric covered columns can be seen, as well as the plants hanging from the ceiling, the long tables and, in the background, the transparency of the marquee walls. It was a wedding marquee of the bridge and groom's dreams and enabled them to enjoy the guests.

A Provencal wedding 5

The tables with their tablecloths under the transparent wedding marquee, that in its natural setting like the client's home, were like a dream for many.

A Provencal wedding 6

Another image of the inside of the marquee where the wedding banquet was held. Long tables, colourful tablecloths, iron chairs... Lots to see and enjoy.

A Provencal wedding 7

This wedding marquee was attached to the house. The image shows how the marquee circulation was perfect for all the waiters, as well as for the guests when they used the bathroom area.