Marquee for IESE

When one of the world's main business schools needs a marquee, it comes to BC Carpas because it offers the design and quality that many companies do not. On this occasion, IESE had to accommodate 1,000 graduates at its Barcelona HQ. The space offered had a difficult layout. After studying the entire space with our team of designers and our architect, we came up with a space filled with marquees that could accommodate all the students, but instead of installing one large marquee that disguised the campus aesthetic, a set of marquees joined to each other was installed. Transparent curtains were installed that showed the landscape and views around the marquee and, since it was sombre, elegant event, all the marquee pillars were covered with grey fabric. This project was one of the most acclaimed and admired at IESE, since no one had ever done anything like that at this business school.

Marquee for IESE 1

Photo of the marquee where the graduation is held, the rows of seats facing the stage and the spectacular view of the city of Barcelona.

Marquee for IESE 2

Chairs under the marquee where the MBA graduates who will receive their diploma from their professors will sit.

Marquee for IESE 3

From one of the marquees, you can see the sea through the transparent wall curtains.

Marquee for IESE 4

Photo of one of the marquee joints, showing how robust it is, along with the perfect upholstery of the grey marquee.

Marquee for IESE 5

Photo of the marquee with a detail of all the perfectly aligned chairs. One of the old business school buildings can be seen in the background.

Marquee for IESE 6

Chairs lined up under the marquee, showing the well attended event that was witnessed by BC Carpas.

Marquee for IESE 7

With little light, the day before the event can be seen as darkness falls from the marquee installed in the IESE garden.