Marquee for Polo Market

On this occasion, the clients wanted to create a large market on a polo field, filled with spaces so that clients, young and old, could enjoy a day's shopping. BC Carpas very carefully designed different spaces so that the market traders could install their temporary shops. The movement of the people was also taken into account and each space was assessed to get the most out of it.

The final layout was designed with tension marquees, modular marquees and parasols, giving each space a different perspective. Without a doubt, it was one of the best events of the summer, and was also a sales success for all the traders.

Marquee for Polo Market 1

Photo of the market with the marquee installed in the polo club gardens.

Marquee for Polo Market 2

Photo of marquees for the market. The marquees are modular.

Marquee for Polo Market 3

Area of the marquees sponsored by a well known clothing brand, where different activities were organised outdoors and many enjoyed the ssand coloured marquee and its garden installed by BC Carpas.

Marquee for Polo Market 4

The marquee on the garden and the vintage style lights can be seen, as well as the garland lights that were installed throughout the space.

Marquee for Polo Market 5

Photo of all the modular marquees, parasols and Bedouin tents that were installed for this impressive event.