Regatta event marquee

Each year we have the chance to install marquees at some of the regattas held in Spain. On this occasion, we wanted a large, very open space designed to block out the sun and for it not to look like a traditional marquee. To do so, we decided to install several tension marquees all together without thinking about rain. The effect was as if they were large parasols, all joined by wooden poles. Also, the effect created by the tension marquees was one of sea waves.

Regatta event marquee 1

Tension marquees for the VIP zone of some famous regattas

Regatta event marquee 2

Photo of the preparations with the wooden bar under our tension marquee, often called a Bedouin tent.

Regatta event marquee 3

Photo taken under the marquee with all the sofas and tables, right at the edge where the marquee ends.

Regatta event marquee 4

The tension marquee provides shade to the space where attendees will enjoy the relaxing vibe of the tables and chairs.

Regatta event marquee 5

All the furnishings were provided using pallets laid like tables and creating barriers to achieve a chic and modern look.

Regatta event marquee 6

Under the Bedouin tent, you can see the wooden mast with its focal points and in the background all the pallets that decorated this event by the sea.

Regatta event marquee 7

The blue sky and under the marquees with their modern furnishings using pallets and cushions.

Regatta event marquee 8

The regatta event marquee at the port.