Marquee for Viceroy

For several years we have had the chance to form part of the Viceroy watch company's days, where each year we were required to improve the space by creating perfectly acclimatised zones where vendors could seduce customers from all over the country. Each year we truly outdid ourselves, since our team of decorators, along with the company's marketing team, created the unimaginable. Additionally, one of the great difficultues was that the space was always the same, and small. We had to install a catering zone, central terrace and another area for sales. Air conditioning was one of the most stringent requirements: it had to be cool and the lighting had to be warm. This is without a doubt a success that has been repeated year after year.año.

Marquee for Viceroy 1

Advertising inside the marquee, as well as decoration that was placed insde the marquee to create a zone decorated according to the interests of the client's event.

Marquee for Viceroy 2

Photo of the marquee interior for the Viceroy Watches event, where old lights hanging from the marquee can be seen, as well as the photocall.

Marquee for Viceroy 3

One of the areas prepared for the event's guests to enjoy refreshments.

Marquee for Viceroy 4

The watch exhibitors set up in the marquee, with the professional lighting, created a very well thought out scene thanks to the efforts of the brand's marketing team and BC Carpas' team of decorators.

Marquee for Viceroy 5

Upper view of the terrace from the exit of the marquee bar area.

Marquee for Viceroy 6

Photo of the interior of one of the marquees dedicated to one of its more rock and roll watch models.