Wedding at wine cellars

This is one of our favourite weddings, where the bride did not want a sombre marquee that others want. She wanted something with more fabric, so our team got to work to create something spectacular, as requested by the bride. To do so, we pleated the roof and a lot of tulle, creating a space just like the bride wanted. For the lighting, a light designed for the occasion was chosen and full of green ivy, accompanied by many candles and high centrepieces. The wedding was such a success that it was featured in Telva magazine.

Wedding at wine cellars 1

Photo of a detail of the roof and wall of the marquee installed for this very special wedding.

Wedding at wine cellars 2

Hours before the wedding banquet starts. The marquees were decorated with tables and tablcloths.

Wedding at wine cellars 3

Photo of the lamp that was installed for this wedding, in addition to the roof that was installed, which is pleated at the request of the bride and groom.

Wedding at wine cellars 4

Photo of the banquet hall, which was one of our marquees that was entirely decorated with light colours.

Wedding at wine cellars 5

Photo of the tables with tablecloths for the wedding, the centrepiece and the chairs with their covers.

Wedding at wine cellars 6

Photo of the wedding at night with the guests seated at the tables and the candles lit.

Wedding at wine cellars 7

Photo of the smiling bride and groom with their families.

Wedding at wine cellars 8

Inside the wedding marquee at night.

Wedding at wine cellars 9

In the foreground, the bride in her white dress, and in the background the mother of the bride.

Wedding at wine cellars 10

The bride and groom leaving the church with all the guests waiting for them. Outside, all the guests throw petals to celebrate.