A BC Carpas video about the Zootrópolis premier!

The first BC Carpas video

We just saw this video from the Walt Disney Studios about the Zootrópolis Premier in Barcelona! On the video you can see the building and the result of a transparent BC Carpas tent. Besides that, you can see a bit about the movie, Barcelona and the stars who attended the event. The video is perfect to show how our team is working hard to build up the tents and to see the result in this beautiful city!

Make sure that you take a look at the video and especially at the roof of the transparent tent. It was chosen for the premier, so the visitors could see the stars from the maximum number of possible angles.



The Premier

Did you know that Shakira was at the premier or did you know that Zootrópolis is the 55th animated series from Disney classics? No? Then we suggest that you read our post about Zootrópolis. In the post you will read more about the premier and the movie!

BC Carpas for your event?

So I think that we’ve shown that the Transparent Tents are perfect solutions for companies who need their events to be showed outside of the tent!

The transparent tent is one of the demands for corporate events. Besides that, in our company we cover the structure in a way that the transparency of the tent will be attached to a structure of the color you choose. We have a lot of colors, for instance the colors; white, black, beige, brown, blue and green. You can also choose the exact size that you would like to have for your tent!

Do you want more information about the transparent tent  or do you have questions about the tents? Don’t hesitate to contact us, BC Carpas would be happy to help you!




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