The Village of the Puig Vela race Clàssica VIII

The Event

The eighth race in the Barcelona Puig Vela Classica was held in Barcelona. It became the nerve center of classical sailing worldwide. The eighth version continues to strengthen both national and international, welcoming boats from seven countries from Europe and America.

More than 500 historic sailing crews have participated in this sport event, consolidating it as one of the competitions of reference in the racing calendar of classic and vintage boats.

It is confirmed that the race, Vintage and Classic, has greater participation then as many of the disputes in Spanish waters.

The Village of Puig Vela race rented a classic BC Carpas tent to finish the event. It was a “tight tent” in white combined with chill-out furniture, bars, chairs, tables, rugs, beanbags. People were having fun; they were talking, laughing, eating and drinking. But most of all they were relaxing in the tent. Take a look at the pictures below!

The tight tent

The tight tent, which was used for The Village of the Puig Vela race Clàssica VIII is recently one of the most heard products on the lips of our customers. The tight tents, tents type sail, stretched canvas tents with a roof that floats are aesthetically beautiful to look at and they have become very popular in a short time.

These tents are very original in the field, for weddings and for anyone who wants something different.

If you have any questions or doubts about the tight tent, don’t hesitate to contact us with all of your questions! We can also give you the best advice on your wedding.

Another BC Carpas video!

We recently found out that there is a perfect after movie from the race! You can see the race, the boats, the visitors, the city and at last but not least: the BC Carpas tight tent! Make sure that you take a look at this video below.




Besides the video from the event above, there are also a lot of pictures from the tight tent and the race. You can see them below.


village regatas

Bc carpas carpa

VIII Puig Vela Classica Barcelona - 2015

Bc carpas carpa

Bc carpas carpa (3)



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