A fairytale wedding



The wedding from past weekend was held in a city in Spain known for its legends and myths.

The wedding became a magical wedding. The tents were mounted on a vineyard. Dinner was served under beige tents with a light spot table, giving the whole warmth. Besides that, there were high centers of flowers combined with low centers, a lot of green and cups candle hanging. It was a very romantic wedding.

The tables were decorated really well. Tablecloths combined with gray and geometric designs. Tiffany chairs as imitating the glass gave lightness to the assembly.

There was put another tent for dancing. It was a transparent tent that seemed full of stars, with crystal chandeliers and illuminated trees. The chill-out tent with black like the checkerboard dance floor and white colors. What is your opinion on it?

From the transparent tent you could see the beautiful sunset and the illuminated vineyards.

The wedding was decorated by Luis Garcia Fraile.

If you have any questions about the beige tent, the lightning or the transparent tent, do not hesitate to contact us!


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