BC Carpas umbrellas at the event of El Corte Inglés

Check out this great option at BC Carpas!

Besides renting tents it’s also possible to rent many extras. One of them is an umbrella. This is a really nice way for a little bit of shadow in the hot days in summer and it is also a great, decoration idea.

El Corte Inglés put the umbrellas at their terrace. It is a great, fancy terrace for drinks. El Corte Inglés put the tents as a finishing touch, but also for the shady course.

The umbrellas are from ecru and finished with grey.

We also have rental umbrellas. They are available in a lot of colors! If you have any questions about the umbrellas, don’t hesitate to contact us.

BC Carpas also sells sun visor, you can buy them online on the web www.comprarcarpa.es or by calling 91-609 33 23– 93 240 00 24


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