A gabled tent

BC CARPAS in addition to being able to offer different colors pyramidal tents and marquees transparent or even gabled tents, as you know, we also give the option to upholster the tents. Today we talk about upholster gabled tents.


Upholster the ceilings or even upholster the pillars, we can also get to put curtains of different types of fabric from tulle to give a more romantic setting to cotton fabrics to dress your event so special. Besides that, we can make transparent racks, with them you have the feeling of having glass around the tent or, if you prefer, we can make them opaque, so they seem like fabric walls.


You have seen how many possibilities there are, if you want more information about them please contact us. 


In a few days I will explain how we can upholster the pyramidal tent, do not miss it!



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