Original ideas for centerpieces

The table decorations are something you cannot neglect on your wedding day, since it is the first impression before starting to taste the menu.

For the decoration of this environment, you need to think about centerpieces that harmonize with the place. It is the best way for giving that nice and warm touch that invites you to experience a special moment.

For an elegant, beautiful yet functional decoration, that the ornaments to place on the tables do not bother, it is important to think of centerpieces, they give an important touch of design.

We can think of all kinds of centers combined together to create a harmonious environment. Examples can be flowers, fruit, candles, combination of flowers with candles.

There shouldn’t be a mix of many different colors. The most elegant thing is a certain color, or as much mixing two further combine with the rest of the decor of the room, such as tablecloths, curtains or cover chairs.










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