A stretch tent for your wedding

We are already in the middle of many preparations of the weddings from this year. We have different models of BC Carpas tents, but in today’s post, we will discuss the stretch tent, which is also known as the tight tent.

The Stretch tent

The stretch tent, which is used for many weddings, is a tent that can be set for weddings, parties or events. This type of tent has a stretched, canvas roof with wooden sticks. We have various colors, so you can make sure that the color that you put is integrated with the landscape. The tents are often illuminated with garlands of light bulbs. These tents are very original in the field, for weddings and for anyone who wants something different.

One of the drawbacks of the stretched tent is that you cannot close the sides, so it is more advisable to choose for a stretched tent when good weather is ensured. For winter or spring there are other types of tents with closable sides in transparent, so you can see the outside without being cold.

If you have any questions or doubts about the stretch tent, don’t hesitate to contact us with all of your questions! We can also give you the best advice on your wedding.

The Photos


Carpa tensada

A stretch wedding tent in white, long tables for dinner.

boda Hindú con carpa tensada.

The Stretch tent in taupe, for an Indian wedding.

carpa tensada

A wedding in the mountains with a stretch tent, which was integrated with the landscape.

carpa tensada

Lighting bulbs were hanging for the strechted tent.

carpa tensada

We placed a lot of long tables and some round tables under the stretch tent. On the table was an iron structure with hanging green and sailing vessels.

Carpa tensada

The guests entering the taupe, stretch tent that integrates nice with the surroundings.






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