A Transparent tent


Carpa evento Transparente

The Transparent Tents are perfect solutions for companies who need their events to be showed outside of the tent or who need to show the surroundings to the visitors of the event.

BC Carpas has transparent PVC tents, which will show the exterior, either the facade of the company, a beautiful surrounding, a monument or anything else that is worth to be watched from all of the possible sides.

The transparent tent is one of the demands for corporate events. Besides that, in our company we cover the structure so that the transparency of the tent is attached to a structure of the color you choose. We have a lot of colors, for instance the colors; white, black, beige, brown, blue and green.

In BC Carpas we have different pyramidal tents and tents who transparent water. If you have questions about the transparent tent, don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to help or advise you!



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