L’Atelier des Rêves (Dream Workshop)

Once upon a time … Juliette

Juliette’s dream was to celebrate an extraordinary event that everyone will remember forever. One night at bedtime, she dreamed about it. The whole event would pass in a different environment … Magic!

It would be decorated with furniture and original features, including a romantic tent in the garden. Flowers decorate every corner and the food would be the finest the visitors had ever tasted.

Everyone would talk about it!

Upon awakening, I got his wish. He was in a studio in that had everything to realize his dream…

Atelier des reves
Atelier des rêves de Juliette in Barcelona

Atelier des rêves de Juliette à Barcelone

On verais plus de Juliette, mais plus tard… ne vous inquietez pas… À très Bientôt!



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