An Indian wedding (part l)


A couple of weeks ago we’ve got the opportunity to attend an Indian wedding, but in India itself, more precisely in New Delhi. This made the event a unique experience in every way.

The wedding

The wedding took place over several days. Although, we did not attend all the celebrations, because some of the celebrations were more intimate and was just the family.  Each wedding day was celebrated in a different place, so we were lucky to get out of the typical tourist places to get into the most real India, full of color and costumes of the place.

The classic wedding dress is something you will not see at an Indian wedding, yes you can see people dressed in suit and tie, but it is more likely to see men and women wearing traditional costumes. The typical Indian dhoti dress worn by men and women: the Sari.

You can see the pictures that have been made of the different spaces below. All of the spaces were decorated with many fabrics, with an aspect rather ornate with lots of flowers and candles. As expected; the entire space was covered with large tents, tents for weddings.

The first wedding day

On the photo, which you can see below, you can see a spectacular upholstered tent that was used as a corridor. They were starting with a central tent with a huge bouquet of flowers with many candles that led to a corridor of three sections.

There were glass lamps hanging from the ceiling to illuminate the tent opted. There also was indirect light placed on the ground.

The whole route was covered with a tent in ecru, ceiling and walls upholstered with pleated fabric.

The tent from 30×15 meters had a stage, a bar of rectangular bar, replete with waiters serving drinks. Seven huge hung from the ceiling lamps decorated with ivy and other elements. All of the pillars were trimmed and not spared anything in lighting.

In the main tent, where the stage was located, typically Indian dances and a hard pace to follow for any Western dances were danced. Fortunately, I did not have to go out dancing, I am a really bad dancer compared to all of the Indian dancers… It looked like a real Bollywood movie!


The chill out tent with lots of sofas was very original. On one of the walls was decorated with mirrors. The space itself and the whole wedding was huge; for us it is difficult to say how many guests they had, but we can say that there were about a thousand people or more.


Stay tuned!

The second part of the wedding will be posted tomorrow! It will be even more colorful. Make sure you do not miss it!

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