An Indian wedding (Part ll)


If you haven’t read our first post about the first day of the beautiful, Indian wedding, make sure you read it first!

As I told you in the first post a couple of weeks ago we’ve got the opportunity to attend an Indian wedding, but in India itself, more precisely in New Delhi. This event was a unique experience in every way and I am going to tell you all about it!

The second wedding day

Today was also a day with different locations and spaces. Some days were strictly for family and close friends.

In this marriage they opted for colorful. They did it with very good lighting of all spaces and fixtures that were works of art themselves. They set up a structure for the access to the bride’s house, where we, the BC Carpas team, were invited to dinner and dancing. All of this, so they could play typical regional Indian songs with friends and family; quality time.

The party was held at the Hotel Taj in New Delhi. The night had several parts, first with a group playing live the best known in India as the guests seated at long tables decorated with exquisite taste, tasted a buffet with typical food of the country, with many perfectly dressed waiters. As a decoration there hung a stunning lamp at the roof of the tent.

The tent was distributed in a circular and unimaginable dimension, in the center there was a round bar where drinks were served continuously. At one end of a stage there were mostly young people dancing non-stop and in the rest of the tent was the buffet on very long tables. In the picture below you can see a detail of the tables.

The middle of the tent, marked with a rectangular roof, was the central bar. Do not miss the details of the waiters and guests with traditional Indian costumes when you see the pictures!

The last wedding day

At the end we left some of the most impressive images of the last wedding day, because it is difficult with a camera to mount an impressive show like this. We are sory!

This time the wedding was held at a location which was just steps from India Gate and the Embassy of Spain in New Delhi.

It was hard to get an idea of the place, since it was all covered by all kinds of decorative fabrics, lanterns, large structures, carpets, rugs and many decorative elements that impressed either. In a picture below you can see a decoration with lanterns hanging from the trees, creating a magical atmosphere candles.

Right at the entrance was a long corridor decorated and it created an expectation for the guests, who did not know what they would find after entering the wedding. Once the hall was finished, the guests walked into two tented structures. They were decorated with impressive lamps of unimaginable size. In one of the tents was an altar where the bride and groom had stood to greet all the guests and made photos with them.

On the photos you can see the size of the lamp. The richness of fabrics and colors makes the spectacular staging. The mural at the back of everything with an image of dragons and a printed fabrics showing as living in a very elegant wedding colors dark colors.

The five lamps were also here unimaginable dimensions, because the space had more of a typical aspect from a palace then from a tent. Fijaro’s lighting and plays an important role throughout the wedding, not only did the lamps, through the gold and burgundy, show a special color, but by indirect lighting that were placed in different parts of the tent.

Undoubtedly our experiences in India, as you have seen throughout our blog, became a unique experience. Hopefully all of this decoration will inspire us on the weddings and we can mount a wedding equal or better soon with the team of BC Carpas.

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