BC Carpas collaborates with Casa Decor

The Event of Casa Decor

Casa Décor contacted BC Carpas for the decoration of an event. We were very pleased to decorate this event, because it is such a nice and also a big event.

In the backyard we assembled a transparent tent with flooring and carpeting, as you can see on the picture below.

You can see more information about the tent for the event or see how to rent a tent for a event.

The event was a really nice event. Many people visited the event, even more than the average number and they were very excited about the transparent tent.

Besides that, we would like to mention that we worked together with the decorator Toni Segui. He made the interior decor chill-out rate in white possible.

Casa Decor

Casa Decor is a multidisciplinary platform with subjects such as; marketing, public relations and advertising, which can engage professionals working in the field of decoration, design, architecture and art.
In turn, any company wishing to promote a product, material or construction system Casa Decor find the ideal showcase to be released, both professionals and consumers.
Casa Decor account has an annual edition in Madrid in the spring.

The editions reach an average of 32.000 visitors per years. The visitors are potential customers interested in decoration, trends and lifestyle.

Besides, Casa Decor is an event of great relevance today. The event appeals about 500 journalists for publishing. Who are covering different news and events and generate more than 1,000 news posts in newspapers, radio, television and online media.






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