Tent for the opening of Suarez Jewelry

Suarez Jewelry

Mr Emiliano Suárez Faffián, motivated by his knowledge of the jewelry and watch market and an interest in expanding upon this knowledge, established the first jewelry and watchmaking store and studio in Bilbao. This small store, of barely 20 square meters, was the beginning of a long and successful love story between the Suarez family and the fine jewelry sector which has continued to reap success year after year since its creation.

Today, after nearly 75 years of history and know-how, Suárez continues to look to the future with a new retail concept in which the family’s history and their jewelry have pride of place: Maison Suárez is a venue which tells the story of the family’s history, reveals the secrets of the craft and bears testimony to the value of the jeweler’s essence.

The Suárez family is renowned in the history of the Spanish jewelry sector thanks to their passion, enthusiasm and perseverance. You can visit one of the many shops in Barcelona, Madrid and Marbella.

The Event

When Suarez Jewelry was going to open their shop in the city of Barcelona, they wanted a big event. And a big event includes a nice stage setting. That is where they contacted BC-Carpas.

BC Carpas set up a tent for the opening. The tent was in black colour pallet. And the logo was printed on both sides of the tent, as you can see on the picture below.

You can see more information about the tent for the event or see how to rent a tent for an event.

The tent was located on the emblematic: Paseo de Gracia. Many people visited the party. The party was attended by customers, friends of the Suarez brothers, representatives of fashion, culture and business.

The event was a big party and there for a really great way for Suarez Jewelry to let the customers know that their shop has opened.



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