How can we adapt a space for an event.

In this case the event type is a baptism, for a boy named ” Gonzalo ” so my idea was to decorate in blue tones very . The room that was available to celebrate children’s snack, is decorated 50s with ceramic garnet tones, a very inhospitable room with very cool lighting and a very poor soundproofing. If the decorated as I wanted, (all in blue) and the walls were very marked drawings garnet going to be a medley that I would not like.

It occurred to me that with the material we have in BC Tents something could be devised to improve the space.

This is the photo of the room normally used to play ping pong, study and also for parties.


As you know in BC Tents tents have several colors, so I had many shades to choose from, but the one that suited what I wanted was the color of the blue tent. So put on every wall some pieces to cover the tiles and also to dampen the sound a bit. Something I thought it would not work and the truth that much notice the difference.

While the empty room with the panels and without any decoration, as was cozy, the blue gave much life to stay.

decoración bautizo

So we put carpet on the floor to make the space more inviting, in an area where Cheerleader later entertain children, making up with fantasy and doing various games. I recommend the Carambola company parties.

To give a child touch and knowing that kids love, I bought balloons in transparent and in blue, at the end of the party do not stay or a balloon, complete success!!

decoración bautizo

In the next post will explain how I decorated the table and all the little details of baptism.

Here is another post of a baptism with lavender tent



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