A big party to submit Harper’s Bazaar

This week was the presentation in Madrid of Harper’s Bazaar. The first fashion magazine in the world, founded in 1867 in the United States, from March issue will be published by Hearst Magazines Spain.

A big party at the US embassy to celebrate the new stage of the Spanish edition of the magazine. A attended by over 400 representatives of social life and the world of fashion

A gray tent for photocall where they spent many renowned faces from the world of politics, culture and fashion have not wanted to miss this event. Among the guests, Naty Abascal, Sara Carbonero, Andrés Velencoso, Laura Ponte, Thyssen family, Simoneta Gomez-Acebo, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera, Jordi Cruz, Juana Acosta, Vanessa Lorenzo, Varo Rosauro.

fiesta Harper's Bazaar

fiesta con carpa



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