How to solve the bathrooms at your wedding?

The tent for bathing is essential at a wedding outdoors, but can have access to the house.

At the wedding outdoors, the bathrooms are no longer a problem and is no longer something esthetically horrible. But rather can be from simple to luxurious bathrooms like you’re in a hotel. (do not need no water, no sewers) can be placed anywhere in the garden, no problem.

The first thing we ask is that the couple don’t want to see the cabins, nor sinks that are not very decorative with the environment and are not seen very well, so we propose to put a tent that pass unnoticed as much as possible, must be placed in a strategic place for guests do not have to do long distances and also this near the snack area banquet and dance.

Inside the tent is separated Mr and Mrs each with its corresponding cabinets and sinks that can range from simple to sink included inside the cab or the luxe with separate sink or wenge wood.

For the tent you have a variety of colors to choose from, beige, grey, black, green is placed according to where it is camouflaged with the surrounding forest, plants or garden. Even the tent for the bathrooms, you can put the same color as the tents banquet and so is unified in the same shades.

If you want to see more colors tent you can enter our web BC tents. For more information please call us at 91-609 33 23 / 93-240 00 24 or mail

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