Stylish wedding in Cerdanya

A wedding in Autumn

Last autumn we did a really great, stylish wedding in the Cerdanya.

Autumn is a really great season for weddings. There are a lot of original ideas for organizing a wedding in fall. For an example, ideas for decorating your table, you should check out our Pinterest bord about it!

The wedding in Cerdanya

There was put a lot of work in the decoration of this wedding, as you can see on the pictures below. Not only were the tables decorated in a beautiful way, but also the tent itself.

The tables were round and elongated some with tablecloths and others without. Being in the middle of natural woods gave the wedding a rustic and cozy touch.

They also thought about the chairs. The combination of different types of chairs in iron and wood gave the decoration of the wedding a really nice touch and it was all thought through.

The Tent

A taupe tent with transparent walls was chosen for this wedding. There was a festive air given, thanks to the bulbs and garland pennants.

It was a wedding noon, it was cold outside so the tent was completely closed. But, because of the sheer curtains it was still possible to see the surroundings.

The transparent PVC tents, which will show the exterior, either the facade of the company, a beautiful surrounding, a monument or anything else that is worth to be watched from all of the possible sides.

In BC Carpas we cover the structure so that the transparency of the tent is attached to a structure of the color you choose. We have a lot of colors, for instance the colors; white, black, beige, brown, blue and green.

If you have questions about the transparent tent, don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to help or advise you!


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