Weddings in rainy months

Rainy weddings

Some people say that it is a symbol for the last tears that the bride ever shed, some people just don’t like it, but most people don’t know that it actually can be really pretty. Today, I am talking about; rain on your wedding.

As we all know, it rains a lot in April, so most of you prefer a wedding in May, June, July or maybe August. But, we dare you to think out of the box and think about a wedding in April! We have gathered a lot of tips and tricks for you to make your wedding day in April the most beautiful day ever.

April used to be a rainy month, even though it has not rained much in the last year. For organizing a wedding you need to think about the two situations; a wedding in good and in bad weather. You have to have a plan B in case of rain, cold and wind. We should not dramatize; you do not need to cancel a wedding in the rain.

First of all, we want to give you the easiest solution: be provided of a tent. It is the best solution to be sure that all the visitors can enjoy the wedding and in cases of rain.

  1. Umbrellas

Umbrellas are a really nice way to decorate your wedding, and it’s also really functional. Everyone will stay dry from their walk to the ceremony etc. As a decoration it’s really nice to buy matching umbrellas or a lot of different colours. Like this, you can emphasize the style of your wedding. Besides that, it will look really nice on the photos.

A BC Carpas tip

  1. Consider a flexible timeline

If a torrential downpour looks likely right at the time of your vows, consider extending the cocktail hour or perhaps going immediately from vows to reception. It’ll keep your guests out of the rain and your stress to a minimum. A little adjustment goes a long way!

Tip From: Style Me Pretty

  1. Hair Hacks:

Call on the glam squad. Obviously, waterproof mascara is a must for any bride. But a little rain may call for some last-minute beauty changes. If you’re worried about out-of-control humidity hair, consider a beautiful, messy bun or a relaxed, flower crown. These styles are on trend and perfect for preventing frizz and falling.

Tip from: Green Wedding Shoes  

  1. Fans:

A little rain mixed in with warm weather can create some miserable heat. Ensure guests are as comfortable as possible by providing water bottles and fans at the ceremony site, and even a stash of blotting papers and hairspray in the restrooms. These little conveniences will be appreciated by the guests.. The options are endless!

Tip from: Brit + CO

  1. A photographic tip: “Be relaxed, trust your photographer and smile”

While rain on your wedding day is not ideal, it’s still your one and only wedding day and it is better if you just go with the flow and enjoy! It briefly rained on my own wedding day, but after looking in my Husband’s eyes, I could do nothing but be filled with happiness. Just smile and have fun.

Tip from: Kay English Photography 

  1. The perfect solution

When you do a wedding in April, it is the best idea to have a plan B. Or to make your plan B your plan A. There are a lot of nice tents to set-up on your wedding day, which will solve all of the problems. Your guests will stay dry and you don’t have to be stressed about the weather, your make-up or your hair.

Your wedding can be celebrated under a lot of different tents. A white tent, to match your dress or maybe a transparent to, so everyone is still able to see the beautiful location through transparent walls or roofs. 

If you are doing, or if you want to do a wedding in April or any other rainy month don’t forget to check out our tents for weddings.

The tents are available in many colours, or even in transparent. Besides that, a floor, a stage or lightning can be put. If you want advice, if you have questions or if you just want to know more about our weddings tents. Don’t hesitate to contact us!


We have collected a couple of pictures to show you the beauty of a rainy wedding!

carpa para bodas BC Carpas (13)

carpa para bodas BC Carpas (4)

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