Tents for a company event in two colors


Event tents in black and burgundy, two colors that are combined to perfection with the lighting garlands bulb.

The Event

An assembled company prepared to stand in front of 600 people. The composition of the tents was akin to the shape of the courtyard, where the tent was located.

The burgundy Carp gave warmth to the black and white furniture. Besides that, the combination of the black and white furniture contrast to the rustic bar, a composition which usually is advised.

The guests enjoyed a buffet breakfast in the morning and Japanese food at noon. It was a day where the atmospheric elements were not in our favor, it was very windy and put platform and anchors on each pillar.

Despite of the weather conditions, the outcome of the event was very successful for our client, many visitors were really enthusiastic!

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carpa para evento






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