What kind of table?


In today’s post I want to highlight an important issue in the development of the weddings, events or party’s. The element: tables!

Tables are important elements of an event, because it is the object that will ask for the most attention. A few years ago everyone was putting round tables and did not arise to do otherwise. Nowadays it becomes normal to combine round tables, long tables, square- and even oval tables.

The preparation of the tables is important for the whole look of the wedding. The decoration can exist of; tablecloths, flowers, beautiful crockery etcetera. The decoration and the type of the tables can make every wedding unique and more personalized.


First is advisable to decide the color of the tent. After that you can start to think about the tables. In our company you can choose a lot of colors! To give you a preview of the colors; we have beige, burgundy, green, lavender, green, black, gray, brown, transparent and many more.

The choice for long tables and round tables depends on your opinion. In our opinion; both of them are really nice, but you have to keep a couple of things in mind.

  1. The decor of the long tables is more colorful and there are many possibilities. But, it is advisable not to put high decoration in the center of the table, because it will clog the guests, so they cannot see each other.
  2. Round tables allow more interaction between guests.
  3. If you put a round table with a wide diameter, your guest will only be able to talk to the people on their sides. The ideal is a table between 8 and 10 people.
  4. The long tables take up much more space than the round ones


We have selected a couple of pictures of several table (decoration) options for you, you can see them below.

Carpa para alquiler

Alquiler de carpas Barcelona

Alquiler de carpas

Alquiler de carpa

Alquiler de carpas Barcelona

Alquiler de carpas Madrid

Alquiler de carpas Barcelona

alquiler de carpas Barcelona

Carpa transparente- BC Carpas



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