Barcelona Wedding Rent Tent

A stylish Wedding

To know a little more than a wedding with BC Carpas’ tents, we delved into the network and have found the words of a bride; Carmen. She’s explaining her feelings … [Read more]

Chill-out tents for weddings and events

Chill-out tent The Chill-out marquees are based on the English term that means relax, calm down and pass the time. It is a contemporary musical genre that encompasses a large … [Read more]

A wedding in Guadalajara

In GUADALAJARA on the farm of Molino Rosales del S. XVI, the C&G wedding was held. For the dinner a transparent tent with beige details was put. They had put … [Read more]

A fairytale wedding

    The wedding from past weekend was held in a city in Spain known for its legends and myths. The wedding became a magical wedding. The tents were mounted … [Read more]

An Indian wedding (part l)

  A couple of weeks ago we’ve got the opportunity to attend an Indian wedding, but in India itself, more precisely in New Delhi. This made the event a unique … [Read more]

An Indian wedding (Part ll)

  If you haven’t read our first post about the first day of the beautiful, Indian wedding, make sure you read it first! As I told you in the first … [Read more]

Perfect wedding in February

A Winter Wedding What most people don’t know is that the month of February is an amazing month for weddings. Most people think that it’s a big risk or that … [Read more]

A stretch tent for your wedding

We are already in the middle of many preparations of the weddings from this year. We have different models of BC Carpas tents, but in today’s post, we will discuss … [Read more]

Weddings in rainy months

Rainy weddings Some people say that it is a symbol for the last tears that the bride ever shed, some people just don’t like it, but most people don’t know … [Read more]

Spectacular wedding in l’Emporda

Last September we did a spectacular wedding in l’ Emporda. BC Carpas Barcelona arranged a beautiful, transparent tent. The Wedding and the tent The location was hilly, but it was … [Read more]



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