Happy Easter!

The team of BC Carpas would love to wish all of our BC Carpas fans a Happy Easter!

A tent for the Malaga film festival

The movie In the Malaga Film Festival 2016, we set up a tent for the premiere of “Un corazón roto no es como un jarrón roto o un florero”, which … [Read more]

Saint George day in Catalunya

Saint George’s Day In Catalonia the day of St George’s (Sant Jordi) is celebrated on April 23 every year. And since 1456, it is also known as to the International … [Read more]

Weddings in rainy months

Rainy weddings Some people say that it is a symbol for the last tears that the bride ever shed, some people just don’t like it, but most people don’t know … [Read more]

Spectacular wedding in l’Emporda

Last September we did a spectacular wedding in l’ Emporda. BC Carpas Barcelona arranged a beautiful, transparent tent. The Wedding and the tent The location was hilly, but it was … [Read more]

Stylish wedding in Cerdanya

A wedding in Autumn Last autumn we did a really great, stylish wedding in the Cerdanya. Autumn is a really great season for weddings. There are a lot of original … [Read more]



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